MATWISTANG printed fleece lined snowsuit fur. GRS

Classic MINI A TURE snow suit in a feminine print and real fur. Wind and waterproof, breathable and warm enough for a very cold winter. The hood is deatchable and the fur edge can be removed using a hidden zipper.
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Size: 12m/80cm

Color: PRINT Autumn Flower Field


Hoods with fur trim have various practical advantages. The fur's soft and dense texture acts as a natural insulation and barrier against wind and cold. In addition to warmth, the fur trim offers extra protection to the face and eyes by deflecting snow, sleet, and raindrops.

Our fur materials come from Finnish racoons, which are an invasive species. These raccoons are carefully controlled and regulated in their natural habitat to protect the environment and maintain a healthy balance of animal species in the area. At MINI A TURE, we make products with care for the animals and the environment, which is why all our fur materials are FURMARK® certified, which means that they meet the applicable standards for quality and animal welfare.