Introducing our adorable beach robes for the little ones! 0 - 6 years. Crafted from a soft and cozy waffle-textured fabric, our bathrobes are perfect for wrapping your child in luxurious comfort after a day at the beach or pool.

Made with the utmost care and attention to detail, these bathrobes are designed to provide both comfort and style.

We understand the importance of using high-quality materials for children's products, which is why our bathrobes are made from premium organic cotton. This ensures that your child experiences the ultimate softness against their delicate skin, while also providing breathability and absorbency to keep them dry and comfortable.

Our bathrobes feature a unique and charming design, with a pointed hood that adds a touch of whimsy and character. The hood provides additional warmth and protection, making it ideal for those breezy seaside adventures or for simply lounging by the pool. The robes are available in a range of delightful colors.

With their lightweight and quick-drying properties, our bathrobes are convenient and practical for on-the-go families. They are perfect for throwing into your beach bag or suitcase, allowing you to easily pack and take them wherever your summer adventures take you. Whether you're heading to the beach, going on vacation, or spending a day at the pool, our MINI A TURE bathrobes for children will become an essential part of your child's beach or swimwear ensemble.

We take pride in ensuring the safety and quality of our products, which is why our bathrobes are certified. This guarantees that they meet the highest standards of safety and adhere to strict guidelines for children's products.

Give your little one the comfort, style, and protection they deserve with our delightful beach robes. Experience the joy of seeing your child wrapped in the softness of our organic cotton, ready to make lasting memories by the water.


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MATCANSU bathrobe. GOTS Sale price€54,95
MATCANSU bathrobe. GOTS Sale price€54,95
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