Have you ever thought about what you treat your child's waterproof outerwear with? And where it ends up? OrganoTex has. By mimicking nature's chemistry, OrganoTex has developed an effective and eco-labeled textile impregnation. All OrganoTex products are bio-based, biodegradable, and free from PFAS, leaving nothing behind in nature. That's why we've chosen to offer OrganoTex for re-waterproofing our childrens outerwear.

When is it time to re-waterproof?
When water no longer beads off the outer fabric, it's time to impregnate again, so the garment regains its original technical properties.


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OrganoTex Spray-On Textile Waterproofing 500ml
OrganoTex Wash-in Textile Waterproofing 500ml
OrganoTex BioCare Sport Textile Wash 500ml
OrganoTex BioCare Wool&Down Wash 500ml