MINI A TURE fleece suits for children age 0-4 years. Cosy and warm and perfect on its own or as layering.


Our incredibly cozy fleece jumpsuits can be used both outdoors and indoors. Suitable for children aged 0-4 years. Fleece is wonderful as an extra layer in the autumn or as outerwear on a slightly warmer day. The fleece jumpsuits are available in colors inspired by the Scandinavian nature.


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Adel suitAdel suit
Adel suit Sale price€64,95
Amadeus koala fleece jumpsuitAmadeus koala fleece jumpsuit
Amadeus koala fleece jumpsuit Sale price€84,95
Amadeus bear fleece jumpsuitAmadeus bear fleece jumpsuit
Amadeus bear fleece jumpsuit Sale price€84,95
Amadeus tiger fleece jumpsuitAmadeus tiger fleece jumpsuit
Amadeus tiger fleece jumpsuit Sale price€84,95
Amadeus monkey fleece jumpsuitAmadeus monkey fleece jumpsuit
Amadeus monkey fleece jumpsuit Sale price€84,95
Adel teddyfleece jumpsuit. GRSAdel teddyfleece jumpsuit. GRS
Adel teddyfleece jumpsuit. GRS Sale price€67,95