MINI A TURE softshell outerwear for children aged 0-12 years.

MINI A TURE softshell outerwear for children is made from recycled polyester. Softshell outerwear is perfect for transitioning between spring-summer and autumn-winter. Softshell is also known from skiing as it is the perfect top layer to shield from wind and water. Note that due to the heavier material the seams cannot be taped on a softshell. The styles are hence heavily water repellent.

The majority of MINI A TURE softshell wear jackets, suits and matching pants are available in various sizes, styles, and colors. Danish design and the highest quality. From the very beginning we have wanted to dress children in high-performance and comfortable outerwear, thereby encouraging them to go on adventures in nature, regardless of the season and weather.


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MATWAI softshell spring jacket
MATWAI softshell spring jacket Sale price€94,95
MATADEN softshell spring jacketMATADEN softshell spring jacket
MATADYAN winter softshell jacketMATADYAN winter softshell jacket
MATALGEA softshell spring jacketMATALGEA softshell spring jacket
MATBRIDDI softshell spring jacketMATBRIDDI softshell spring jacket
MATARNO softshell spring suitMATARNO softshell spring suit
MATARNO softshell spring suit Sale price€109,95
MATAIAN softshell spring pantsMATAIAN softshell spring pants
MATAIAN softshell spring pants Sale price€64,95
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MATARMAN sherpa anorakMATARMAN sherpa anorak
MATARMAN sherpa anorak Sale price€67,48 Regular price€134,95
MATBRIDDI softshell jacket. GRSMATBRIDDI softshell jacket. GRS
MATADEN softshell jacket. GRS
MATADEN softshell jacket. GRS Sale price€94,95
MATAIAN softshell pants. GRSMATAIAN softshell pants. GRS
MATAIAN softshell pants. GRS Sale price€67,95
MATARNO softshell suit. GRSMATARNO softshell suit. GRS
MATARNO softshell suit. GRS Sale price€109,95
MATBRIDDI spring softshell jacket. GRS
MATALGEA spring softshell jacket. GRS
MATADEN spring softshell jacket. GRS
MATWAI spring softshell jacket. GRS
MATAIAN spring softshell pants. GRS
MATARNO spring softshell suit. GRS