MINI A TURE offers knitwear & T-shirts for children in luxurious, breathable natural materials.

The knit products are available in classic colors and patterns inspired by the Scandinavian nature. During winter, a merino wool knit is insulating and temperature-regulating, making it a perfect layer under a winter jacket or snowsuit.

Many of our T-shirts are made of a mix of soft, organic cotton and bamboo. The material is temperature regulating.


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MATCHARLEY striped t-shirt
MATCHARLEY striped t-shirt Sale price€37,95
MATEELEY jumpsuitMATEELEY jumpsuit
MATEELEY jumpsuit Sale price€84,95
MATTIMOS sweaterMATTIMOS sweater
MATTIMOS sweater Sale price€67,95
Save 50%
Dayan jumpsuitDayan jumpsuit
Dayan jumpsuit Sale price€42,48 Regular price€84,95
Save 70%
Anielle BloomersAnielle Bloomers
Anielle Bloomers Sale price€10,49 Regular price€34,95
Save 60%
MATTIMOS sweaterMATTIMOS sweater
MATTIMOS sweater Sale price€33,98 Regular price€84,95