OrganoTex Wash-in Textile Waterproofing 500ml

Textile impregnation that can be easily washed into the fabric in a washing machine. The product enhances the fabric's water and dirt-repellent properties, prolonging the garment's lifespan by protecting the fibers and restoring their ability to repel water. Read more in the description.



1) Wash the textile/garment, rinse thoroughly without fabric softener. Leave the garment in the machine. 2) Shake the bottle. Pour 100 ml into the detergent compartment for 1 garment. Add an additional 50 ml for each extra garment. Do not exceed 3 garments per wash. 3) Run a short wash program at 30–40 degrees with spin (follow the garment’s washing instructions). 4) Drip dry for at least 24 hours until the outer fabric is completely dry, or dry in a tumble dryer or drying cabinet if the garment’s washing instructions allow it.