OrganoTex BioCare Sport Textile Wash 500ml

A gentle, bio-degradable detergent for functional materials. Preserves the factory-applied treatment for a longer duration and leaves no residues that could compromise the breathability and water-repellent function of the clothing. Suitable for shell clothing, padded skiwear, fleece clothing, rainwear, and backpacks made from synthetic materials. Read more in the description.



HOW TO USE: 1) Shake the bottle. Make sure the detergent compartment is clean. 2) Pour 30 ml (for soft water) or 40 ml (for hard water) into the detergent compartment for up to 3 garments or 4–5 kg of laundry. Do not use fabric softener. 3) Wash the garment at the temperature specified in the washing instructions. 4) Dry according to the garment’s washing instructions. For hand washing: Add about 20 ml for 10 litres of water. Immerse and allow to soak for a while, then rinse thoroughly. Also works in cold water.