Fleece- & Thermohosen

MINI A TURE bietet Fleece- und Thermohosen für Kinder an. Die Fleece- und Thermohosen sind fantastisch als zusätzliche Schicht im Herbst und frühen Frühling. Perfekt zum Spielen und Bewegen in der Krippe, im Kindergarten oder in der Schule.

In the cooler transitional months, it is essential to dress children warmly and comfortably, and MINI A TURE offers the solution with our range of fleece and thermo pants. These pants are ideal for keeping your child warm, whether they are out on adventures or enjoying a relaxing day indoors.

MINI A TURE's fleece pants are made with a focus on softness and comfort. Our fleece pants are both light and breathable, ensuring that your child not only stays warm but also feels comfortable throughout the day. These pants are perfect for layering on colder days and work great as a cozy layer indoors.

When the temperature is not yet high or is on its way to getting cold, MINI A TURE's thermo pants are the perfect choice. They are designed to provide an extra layer of warmth. With a water-repellent outer layer and an insulating inner layer, these pants keep your child dry and warm. The thermo pants are robust and ideal for outdoor play, where durability and freedom of movement are key.

At MINI A TURE, we understand the importance of free movement for children. Our fleece and thermo pants are designed with a comfortable fit that allows for full freedom of movement. This means that whether your child is climbing, running, or jumping, they will be able to move freely and effortlessly.


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