MINI A TURE Jacken sind für jedes Wetter und für Kinder im Alter von 0-12 Jahren konzipiert. Sie sind atmungsaktiv, wind- und wasserdicht.

To thrive in nature, one must be dressed properly. Children who are warm, dry, and comfortable can play carefree for hours. When children play outdoors, they tend to sweat and become warm. Body heat needs to be released quickly to prevent them from feeling damp, which can lead to the risk of catching a cold. That's why our jackets are breathable, windproof, waterproof, and equipped with well-thought-out details.

Our classic jackets for children (0-12 years) come in a wide range of colors and hand-drawn prints inspired by the Scandinavian nature. Our jackets are windproof and waterproof with taped seams and high breathability. They are highly durable and made of recycled polyester and/or recycled nylon, along with Bionic-Finish® Eco impregnation, making them easy to maintain. Please refer to the jacket's care label for washing instructions.

The winter jackets are specially designed for temperatures as low as -25 degrees Celsius. Outdoor
adventures often require dressing warm. MINI A TURE classic outerwear with fleece lining is tested to keep children warm down to -25 degrees. The outerwear is both tested and guided by the Institute of Technology and meets the requirements of testing standard ISO 11092:2014. With a MINI A TURE jacket, you provide your child with the best protection, allowing them to play in nature confidently in any weather conditions. Depending on the season, the jackets are lined with Thermolite and warm fleece or a combination of fleece and Sorona® insulation. The Bionic-Finish® Eco treatment ensures easy maintenance and long-lasting durability. Our jackets are made of materials free from identified harmful chemicals and hormone-disrupting substances.


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MATWALLY Frühlings-Jacke mit Fleecefutter. GRSMATWALLY Frühlings-Jacke mit Fleecefutter. GRS
MATVIVICA Frühlings-Jacke mit Fleecefutter. GRSMATVIVICA Frühlings-Jacke mit Fleecefutter. GRS
MATWAI spring jacket. GRS
MATWAI spring jacket. GRS Angebot€94,95
MATALGEA Frühlings-Jacke mit Fleecefutter. GRS
MATWALLY Frühlings-Jacke. GRS
MATWAI Bedruckte Frühlings-Jacke mit Fleecefutter. GRSMATWAI Bedruckte Frühlings-Jacke mit Fleecefutter. GRS
MATWAI Frühlings-Jacke mit Fleecefutter. GRS
MATLIFF Teddyfleece-Jacke. GRS
MATBABYVITO Frühlings-Anorak. GRS
MATVITORIO Frühlings-Anorak mit Fleecefutter. GRS
MATBABYVITO Frühlings-Anorak mit Fleecefutter. GRS
MATSILA Frühlings-Jacke mit Fleecefutter. GRS
MATVALON Frühling-Jacke mit Fleecefutter. GRS
MATADEN Frühlings-Softshelljacke. GRS
MATBATTAL Weste. GRS Angebot€54,95
MATVILLUM Frühlings-Blouson.GRS
MATWALLY Frühlings-Jacke Colorblocking mit Fleecefutter. GRSMATWALLY Frühlings-Jacke Colorblocking mit Fleecefutter. GRS
MATVESTAYAN Frühlings-Jacke Colorblocking mit Fleecefutter. GRSMATVESTAYAN Frühlings-Jacke Colorblocking mit Fleecefutter. GRS
MATALGEA Frühlings-Jacke. GRSMATALGEA Frühlings-Jacke. GRS
MATCEDRIC Teddyfleece-Jacke mit Reißverschluss. GRS
MATWAI Frühlings-Softshelljacke. GRS
MATALGEA Frühlings-Softshelljacke. GRS
MATBRIDDI Frühlings-Softshelljacke. GRS
Softshell jacket for kids in blue nights