MINI A TURE outerwear are designed for all kinds of weather and for children aged 0-12 years. Breathable, wind-, and waterproof.


To thrive in nature, your child must be dressed properly. Children who are warm, dry, and comfortable can play carefree for hours. When children play outdoors, they tend to sweat and become warm. Body heat needs to be released quickly to prevent them from feeling damp, which can lead to the risk of catching a cold. That's why our jackets are breathable, windproof, waterproof, and equipped with well-thought-out details.

With MINI A TURE outerwear, children can play outdoors for hours and be protected in all kinds of weather. MINI A TURE outerwear is made from recycled materials and is free from known harmful chemicals or hormone-disrupting substances. The outerwear is designed for movement and characterized by high durability. MINI A TURE's outerwear includes jackets, overpants, and outerwear pants in various windproof, waterproof/water-repellant, and breathable materials. The color selection is extensive, and several products are also available with hand-drawn prints inspired by Scandinavian nature. Our outerwear is produced under responsible conditions and has several certifications.


MINI A TURE's practical outerwear is designed for all kinds of weather and for children aged 0-12 years.

You can find detailed information about our outerwear, jackets, overpants, coveralls, and much more by clicking on the different products. Much of our outerwear is windproof and waterproof with taped seams while maintaining full breathability. Impregnation with Bionic-Finish® Eco ensures easy maintenance and long-lasting durability without the use of harmful fluorocarbons.

MINI A TURE's classic outerwear is available in a wide range of beautiful colors and hand-drawn prints, and the common feature of all our outerwear is a thoughtfully practical design that encourages play and adventure outdoors in nature. MINI A TURE's outerwear keeps the child warm and dry, and it is incredibly durable, able to withstand multiple seasons and be passed down to siblings.


MINI A TURE is a B Corp™ certified company - one of the first children's clothing manufacturers in the world to achieve this certification. The special aspect of B Corp™ certified companies is that it is not just about maximizing profits but about collectively making a positive difference in the world by creating a more inclusive and circular socio-economic system. You can learn more about our B Corp™ certification and three other certifications in the section "MINI A TURE'S UNIVERSE."


See all our jackets for children aged 0-12 years. Breathable, windproof, waterproof/water-repellant.


See all our outerwear pants for children age 0-12 years. Durable, breathable, windproof, and waterproof/water-repellant.


See all our suits/snowsuits for children age 0-12 years. Perfect as rainwear for daycare, kindergarten, or ski trips.


Learn more about us, our mission, our design, sustainability, certifications, and why you should buy MINI A TURE.


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MATKASTOR printed winter jacketMATKASTOR printed winter jacket
MATKASTOR printed winter jacket Sale price€95,00 Regular price€189,95
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MATJULIEN rain jacketMATJULIEN rain jacket
MATJULIEN rain jacket Sale price€27,50 Regular price€54,95
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MATADYAN winter softshell jacketMATADYAN winter softshell jacket
MATADYAN winter softshell jacket Sale price€81,00 Regular price€134,95
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MATRUBI rain pantsMATRUBI rain pants
MATRUBI rain pants Sale price€17,50 Regular price€34,95
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MATARMAN sherpa anorakMATARMAN sherpa anorak
MATARMAN sherpa anorak Sale price€67,50 Regular price€134,95
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MATWANG printed winter jacket furMATWANG printed winter jacket fur
MATWANG printed winter jacket fur Sale price€138,00 Regular price€229,95
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MATVENCA winter jacketMATVENCA winter jacket
MATVENCA winter jacket Sale price€114,00 Regular price€189,95
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MATBRIDDI winter softshell jacketMATBRIDDI winter softshell jacket
MATBRIDDI winter softshell jacket Sale price€81,00 Regular price€134,95
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MATWOODY two side puffer jacketMATWOODY two side puffer jacket
MATWOODY two side puffer jacket Sale price€95,00 Regular price€189,95
Save 40%
MATFIANNA printed winter pramsuitMATFIANNA printed winter pramsuit
MATFIANNA printed winter pramsuit Sale price€81,00 Regular price€134,95
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MATWALIN two side puffer jacketMATWALIN two side puffer jacket
MATWALIN two side puffer jacket Sale price€115,00 Regular price€229,95
Save 30%
MATWITTE snow pantsMATWITTE snow pants
MATWITTE snow pants Sale price€87,50 Regular price€124,95
Save 50%
MATWANG puffer jacketMATWANG puffer jacket
MATWANG puffer jacket Sale price€95,00 Regular price€189,95
Save 50%
MATROBIN rain pantsMATROBIN rain pants
MATROBIN rain pants Sale price€17,50 Regular price€34,95