Outerwear for children - durable, breathable, wind- and waterproof.

MINI A TURE and the German children's brand Affenzahn have come together in a joint collaboration. Together, we have created a playful and functional collection of high-quality products that encourage play and wonderful outdoor experiences.

For Affenzahn, emotional security, freedom, and joy are the most important ingredients for a happy childhood. Based on these values, Affenzahn accompanies parents and children in their developmental process. Together, we embark on the adventure of life with curiosity and optimism. Children discover themselves, community, and nature. Our animal characters come to life in a wide range of high-quality products that are durable, breathable, windproof, and waterproof—perfect for outdoor play in all kinds of weather.


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MATARIA winter jacketMATARIA winter jacket
MATARIA winter jacket Sale price€164,95
MATASLAUG winter jacketMATASLAUG winter jacket
MATASLAUG winter jacket Sale price€164,95
MATASLAUG printed winter jacketMATASLAUG printed winter jacket
MATASLAUG printed winter jacket Sale price€174,95
MATASLAN printed snow pantsMATASLAN printed snow pants
MATASLAN printed snow pants Sale price€99,95
MATANNO bear fleece jacketMATANNO bear fleece jacket
MATANNO bear fleece jacket Sale price€67,95
MATANNO koala fleece jacketMATANNO koala fleece jacket
MATANNO koala fleece jacket Sale price€67,95
MATASGERD snowsuitMATASGERD snowsuit
MATASGERD snowsuit Sale price€199,95
MATANNO tiger fleece jacketMATANNO tiger fleece jacket
MATANNO tiger fleece jacket Sale price€67,95
MATANNO monkey fleece jacketMATANNO monkey fleece jacket
MATANNO monkey fleece jacket Sale price€67,95
MATAMADEUS bear fleece jumpsuitMATAMADEUS bear fleece jumpsuit
MATAMADEUS koala fleece jumpsuitMATAMADEUS koala fleece jumpsuit
MATAMADEUS tiger fleece jumpsuitMATAMADEUS tiger fleece jumpsuit
MATAMADEUS monkey fleece jumpsuitMATAMADEUS monkey fleece jumpsuit
Aldo softshell spring jacketAldo softshell spring jacket
Aldo softshell spring jacket Sale price€109,95
Ale softshell spring pantsAle softshell spring pants
Ale softshell spring pants Sale price€67,95
Vasmann spring jacketVasmann spring jacket
Vasmann spring jacket Sale price€109,95
Ander spring overallsAnder spring overalls
Ander spring overalls Sale price€87,95