MATWALLY winter jacket

Classic MINI A TURE winter jacket. Wind and waterproof, breathable, and warm enough for even the coldest winter. The hood is detachable and features an elastic wind guard to keep the wind out. The waist can be adjusted internally, and the wrist snow cuffs have space for thumbs.
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Sale price€149,95

Size: 9m/74cm

Color: Cedar Wood


The hood is detachable and features an elastic wind guard to keep the wind out. Sizes up to and including 86cm (18m) have a ribbed collar, while larger sizes have a regular collar.

Breathable, 100% wind and waterproof

When children play outdoors, they tend to sweat and become warm. Body heat needs to be released quickly to prevent them from feeling damp, which can lead to the risk of catching a cold. That's why our jackets are breathable, durable, windproof, and waterproof, allowing you to confidently send your child outside.

Pockets, Snow cuffs & Reflectors

Two pockets with snap buttons on each side. The wrist snow cuffs have space for thumbs, minimizing the entry of snow into the jacket sleeve. Reflectors in multiple locations, including our iconic star reflector.

It is in the MINI details... Breathable, wind- and waterproof


Discover the timeless design with MINI A TURE's classic WALLY winter jacket for children. Our WALLY winter jacket combines style, functionality, and durability to keep your child warm and protected even in the harshest winter conditions. Our best-selling WALLY winter jacket for children is designed with wind and waterproof material to keep your child dry and comfortable in all types of weather. At the same time, the winter jacket is highly breathable, ensuring your child stays dry and warm. With insulation suitable for extremely cold temperatures down to -25 degrees Celsius, your child can confidently engage in outdoor activities without freezing. The outerwear is both tested and guided by the Institute of Technology and meets the requirements of testing standard ISO 11092:2014.Our WALLY winter jacket features taped seams for increased waterproofing and durability.

The detachable hood has an elastic wind guard that prevents the wind from getting in, ensuring your child's comfort. You can easily put the hood on and take it off using the hidden zipper. Inside, the waist can be adjusted to achieve the perfect fit, and the wrist snow gaiters have space for thumbs for extra protection against snow and cold. There are buckles on the sleeves to attach MINI A TURE mittens and gloves, preventing them from getting lost easily. The classic MINI A TURE reflector is placed on the side of the jacket and in the front pocket, providing visibility up to 300 meters away and enhancing your child's safety, even in low light and darkness.

The outer material of our winter jacket is made from 100% recycled nylon, contributing to our sustainability efforts. The padding consists of THERMOLITE, which is a blend of recycled polyester and polyester. With an abrasion resistance of over 50,000 rubs and a water column pressure of 12,000 WP, you can be sure that our winter jacket is constructed to withstand even the most demanding conditions. The WALLY winter jacket is also impregnated with Bionic Finish Eco coating, making it extra waterproof and durable. We produce our jackets in a BSCI-certified factory, ensuring sustainability and good working conditions. We take great pride in being consistent and conscious of the choices we make, as we aim to minimize consumption, deliver durable and reliable products from recyclable and sustainable sources, and protect our planet so that future generations can enjoy it just as much as we have. That's why we also encourage our products to be handed down from generation to generation or passed on for recycling. You can also sell your used MINI A TURE outerwear back to us. We call this "RE-LOVED."

We carefully design our products to support your child's comfort and safety in all types of weather and play. We draw on our Scandinavian roots and extensive knowledge of the Nordic climate. Whether it's snowy white winter days, colorful autumn, bright summer days, or blooming spring, we understand what proper outerwear requires. It's our intention to create clothing that encourages your children to play freely and experience nature - anywhere, anytime. Our MINI A TURE WALLY winter jacket provides your child with the best protection and comfort in winter weather, and you can be sure it will last for many years.

Achieve the perfect combination of style, comfort, and protection with MINI A TURE's classic winter jackets. Explore our wide range of colors and sizes and choose the jacket that best suits your child's needs and age.