MATWISTI fleece lined snowsuit fur. GRS


Größe: 9m/74cm

Farbe: Angora cream



MATWISTI gewinnt den Preis „True Scandinavian“ beim Scandinavian Outdoor Award

MATWISTI gewinnt den Preis „True Scandinavian“ beim Scandinavian Outdoor Award


MINI A TUREs MATWISTI snowsuit has been honored with the prestigious 'True Scandinavian' award at the Scandinavian Outdoor Award. The award, granted by an international panel of outdoor experts and journalists after a rigorous field test, celebrates MINI A TURE’s commitment to crafting outdoor outerwear that resonates with the Scandinavian spirit.

The statement from the jury reads:
“The winner of this award needed to showcase a core aspect of Scandinavian culture and one thing the Nordic countries do particularly well is get the whole family out in nature. With zippers down each side, it’s easy to get a baby in and out of this cozy snowsuit that’s lined with teddy fleece and washable material near the bottom, encouraging a family to continue to enjoy outdoor pursuits. With an impressive 10-year warranty, re-sale service, space for many current owner names, and messaging about its sustainability features printed inside, it will bring Scandinavian-style warmth and adventure to numerous families before its end of life.”

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Our fur materials come from Finnish racoons, which are an invasive species. These raccoons are carefully controlled and regulated in their natural habitat to protect the environment and maintain a healthy balance of animal species in the area. At MINI A TURE, we make products with care for the animals and the environment, which is why all our fur materials are FURMARK® certified, which means that they meet the applicable standards for quality and animal welfare.

Hoods with fur trim have various practical advantages. The fur's soft and dense texture acts as a natural insulation and barrier against wind and cold. In addition to warmth, the fur trim offers extra protection to the face and eyes by deflecting snow, sleet, and raindrops.