MINI A TURE Handschuhe und Fäustlinge für Kinder. Atmungsaktiv, wind- und wasserdicht mit weiteren praktischen Details.

MINI A TURE offers a wide range of waterproof and breathable gloves and mittens, ensuring that children can keep their hands warm and dry. Available in different colors that perfectly match MINI A TURE's outerwear, the gloves and mittens are lined with Thinsulate™ insulation. The mittens feature Velcro straps that can be attached to the sleeves of MINI A TURE's jackets and snowsuits.


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MATCORDT fleece lined glovesMATCORDT fleece lined gloves
MATCORDT fleece lined gloves Angebotab €19,18 Regulärer Preis€47,95
MATCESAR fleece lined glovesMATCESAR fleece lined gloves
MATCESAR fleece lined gloves Angebotab €21,98 Regulärer Preis€54,95
Soft mittens for kids in sandTwo kids wearing MINI A TURE outerwear
Cordt glovesCordt gloves
Cordt gloves Angebotab €19,18 Regulärer Preis€47,95
Cesar glovesCesar gloves
Cesar gloves Angebotab €25,98 Regulärer Preis€64,95