OrganoTex BioCare Wool&Down Wash 500ml

A gentle, biodegradable detergent for wool and down, including merino wool. Contains lanolin, the natural wool fat that restores the natural, beneficial properties of wool and down. Additionally, it includes lemon eucalyptus oil, which has antibacterial properties and emits a subtle, fresh scent. Read more in the description.

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1) Shake the bottle. Make sure the detergent compartment is clean. 2) Pour 25 ml (for soft water) or 40 ml (for hard water) into the detergent compartment for approximately 2-4 kg of laundry. Do not use fabric softener. 3) Wash and dry the garment according to the product’s washing instructions. For hand washing: Add about 15 ml for 10 litres of water. Immerse and allow to soak for a while, then rinse thoroughly. Then rinse thoroughly. Gently squeeze out the water with twisting the garment. Also works in cold water.