MINI A TURE's classic outerwear pants for children are designed for outdoor activities and play. Breathable, wind and waterproof with taped seams. Easy to maintain and long-lasting. Perfect for nursery and kindergarten.

MINI A TURE's spring and summer outerwear pants are designed for all types of weather and for children aged 0-12 years. All the pants are windproof and waterproof with taped seams, while also being breathable. Impregnated with Bionic-Finish® Eco, they ensure a waterproof surface, easy maintenance, and long-lasting durability without the use of harmful fluorocarbons. MINI A TURE's spring and summer outerwear pants come in classic colors inspired by Scandinavian nature and perfectly complement MINI A TURE's jackets.


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MATWALENTAYA spring overalls. GRS
MATWILANS spring suspender pants. GRSMATWILANS spring suspender pants. GRS
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MATWALENTAYA spring overalls. GRSMATWALENTAYA spring overalls. GRS
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MATWILANS spring suspenders. GRS
MATWILANS spring suspenders. GRS Sale priceFrom €50,97 Regular price€84,95