MINI A TURE rainwear for children age 0-8 years. Lightweight, soft and comfortable.

MINI A TURE's rainwear for children 0-8 years are made from recycled materials. The rainwear is lightweight and super soft, and feature several practical details. The rainwear for children are perfect for daycare, kindergarten, or school and can easily be carried in a bag. Danish design and beautiful colors inspired by the Scandinavian nature. Combined with the highest quality and certification. We believe that you are never to small to make a difference.


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MATWAINIS rain set. GRS Sale price€84,95
MATREINAR rain set. GRS Sale price€84,95
MATRUBI suspender rain pants
MATRUBI suspender rain pants Sale price€47,95
MATREINIS rain suit. GRS
MATREINIS rain suit. GRS Sale price€84,95
MATARES southwest hat. GRSMATARES southwest hat. GRS
MATARES southwest hat. GRS Sale price€34,95
MATJULIEN rain jacket. GRSMATJULIEN rain jacket. GRS
MATJULIEN rain jacket. GRS Sale price€67,95
MATROBIN rain pants. GRSMATROBIN rain pants. GRS
MATROBIN rain pants. GRS Sale price€47,95
MATRUBI rain pants. GRSMATRUBI rain pants. GRS
MATRUBI rain pants. GRS Sale price€47,95
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MATREINIS rain suit. GRSMATREINIS rain suit. GRS
MATREINIS rain suit. GRS Sale priceFrom €42,48 Regular price€84,95
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MATJULIEN rain jacket. GRSMATJULIEN rain jacket. GRS
MATJULIEN rain jacket. GRS Sale priceFrom €33,98 Regular price€67,95
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MATJULIEN rain jacket. GRSMATJULIEN rain jacket. GRS
MATJULIEN rain jacket. GRS Sale priceFrom €33,98 Regular price€67,95
50% Off
MATJULIEN rain jacketMATJULIEN rain jacket
MATJULIEN rain jacket Sale priceFrom €27,48 Regular price€54,95
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MATRUBI rain pantsMATRUBI rain pants
MATRUBI rain pants Sale priceFrom €17,48 Regular price€34,95
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MATROBIN rain pants. GRS
MATROBIN rain pants. GRS Sale priceFrom €22,48 Regular price€44,95
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MATROBIN rain pantsMATROBIN rain pants
MATROBIN rain pants Sale priceFrom €17,48 Regular price€34,95

Rainwear for children

Wide selection of rainwear for children and baby

At MINI A TURE, you will find a carefully selected assortment of classic rainwear made from recycled materials. Our rainwear is designed for children aged 0-8 years, with a focus on functionality and high quality. Our children's rainwear is made from lightweight and soft materials, making our rainwear ideal for everyday use in daycare, preschool, and school. The colors and design of the rainwear are inspired by Scandinavian nature and designed in Denmark, offering a wide range of shades that perfectly fit your child's wardrobe.
In MINI A TURE's range of children's rainwear, you can find rain sets, rain jackets, rain pants and rain hats.

Quality rainwear

At MINI A TURE, we emphasize high quality in our children's rainwear, which is made from recycled materials to ensure both softness and comfort. We are proud that several of our rainwear products are certified according to both GRS (Global Recycled Standard) and OEKO-TEX® standards. The GRS certification ensures that a percentage of the material in each product is recycled, and the entire production process from raw material to the finished product is fully traceable. In our rainwear, it involves recycled polyester. The OEKO-TEX® certification ensures that our rainwear is free from known harmful chemicals and allergenic chemicals, which is your guarantee of a quality product. You can easily find out which certifications each product has by visiting the individual products' page.
Here you will be able to see if the product is marked with either the GRS or OEKO-TEX logo under the product description.
Going forward, all our rainwear will have water-based PU and have a waterproof rating of at least 5,000WP.

Functional rainwear for children

At MINI A TURE, we have designed our rain sets and rain jackets for children with functionality and comfort in mind. Many of our models are equipped with detachable hoods, which can be easily removed thanks to practical snap buttons. The hoods also feature a wide brim that effectively protects the child's face from the rain. Our rain pants offer great flexibility and convenience; they come with detachable foot straps, which can easily be removed when not needed. For the youngest children, we have designed rain pants with adjustable shoulder straps and both adjustable and detachable foot straps. This allows for precise adjustment to each child's needs and ensures optimal comfort, even during the wettest playtimes. All our children's rainwear is equipped with 70 lux reflectors, enhancing visibility in traffic.

You can find all information about the functional properties for each rainwear product by visiting the respective product page and reading the description.

Rainwear for girls and boys

Discover MINI A TURE's carefully selected range of rainwear for girls and boys, designed to withstand even the most challenging rainy weather. Our collection offers everything from classic rain sets to innovative rain jackets and pants. From vibrant colors and patterns that stand out in dull weather, to more subdued tones that match any outfit, MINI A TURE has rainwear for girls and boys that appeal to both children and parents' tastes.

Waterproof rainwear

MINI A TURE's rainwear for children is designed to keep the little ones dry and comfortable, regardless of the weather conditions. All our rainwear has taped seams, which also help to ensure that no water penetrates the rainwear. At MINI A TURE, we encourage active outdoor play. We believe in the importance of children exploring and learning through activities in the open air, regardless
of the weather. Therefore, we design our outerwear to support an active, child-friendly lifestyle with high comfort and protection against the elements.
We aim to inspire children to play, run, and discover the wonders of nature with outerwear that keeps them dry, warm, and ready for adventure.

Rainwear size guide for children

At MINI A TURE, we offer a wide range of rainwear sizes for children from 0 to 8 years old. Our sizes are precisely tailored to children's age and height, so you can easily find the perfect match for your child. From the very young to older children, our sizes include 6 months/68 cm, 9 months/74 cm, 12 months/80 cm, 18 months/86 cm, 2 years/92 cm, 3 years/98 cm, 4 years/104 cm, 5 years/110 cm,
6 years/116 cm, 7 years/ 122 cm to 8 years/128cm.

For more detailed information on how to choose the right size rainwear for your child, you can visit our size guide by following this link. Here you will find
further information that can help you ensure that your child gets the most out of their rainwear in all weather conditions.

Rainwear for children on sale

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