MATKASTORIO fleece lined winter jacket fur. GRS

MINI A TURE winter jacket with fur in a class of its own. Wind and waterproof, breathable and warm enough for a very cold winter. Inside at the top, the jacket is lined with a soft and warm fleece, while the lower part of the jacket is padded with Sorona® Aura, an eco-friendly alternative to down.
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Sale price€309,95

Size: 4y/104cm

Color: Wood


Our fur materials come from Finnish racoons, which are an invasive species. These raccoons are carefully controlled and regulated in their natural habitat to protect the environment and maintain a healthy balance of animal species in the area. At MINI A TURE, we make products with care for the animals and the environment, which is why all our fur materials are FURMARK® certified, which means that they meet the applicable standards for quality and animal welfare.