You are never too small to make a big differencerence

At MINI A TURE, we wish to contribute to a world where children and future generations can grow up in peace and comfort. We are immensely proud that our efforts in reaching this goal have recently been acknowledged: In March 2021 we have been B Corporation (B Corp) certified as one of the first children's clothing brands in the world. For B Corp companies, it is not just all about being the best in the world. It is all about being the best for the world.

Ever since our founding in 2002, we at MINI A TURE have had ambitious dreams of creating something greater than a traditional children’s clothing brand. To us, producing garments for children is not just about providing greater clothing for children, but also about providing a greener future. We want to inspire children to relish the great outdoors and spend less time in front of the screen. We want to encourage recycling, and limit harmful excess production. To achieve this, we have always aspired to produce in the most sustainable and environmentally friendly way possible, having very clear requirements for our suppliers in relation to wages and working conditions. We do not accept any kind of harmful substances, and we always use the most sustainable materials available from certified suppliers.

Business success is not just a matter of profit
A B Corp certification is the highest international standard within A-to-Z sustainability certification. It is a holistic company certification that measures on several factors. Certified B Corps live up to higher standards both socially, environmentally and in terms of transparency. It is like Fair Trade, but for the whole company and not just for a bag of coffee. It is like the organic label, but not just for a liter of milk.

With our B Corp certification, we can document that we live up to several ambitious social and environmental standards. That we show an extraordinary degree of responsibility and transparency across the entire value chain. We have become part of an exclusive movement with approximately 3,800 global companies across industries, including Patagonia, Ben & Jerry's, Danone, Daviness, Bodyshop and Rudolph Care. We all contribute to redefining business success. It is no longer just a matter of generating profit, but rather making a positive difference for the world.

“We believe it to be our responsibility to teach our children to prize and protect the nature around us. When wearing MINI A TURE outerwear, neither wind nor rain can stop our children from spending hours under the open sky. As such we teach our children our ideals from an early age; that it is not enough to simply be the best in the world. You must be the best for the world. You are never too young or small to make a difference”, says Signe Tholstrup, Founder and CEO, MINI A TURE.

This is how a company becomes B Corp certified
To become B Corp certified, the company must be certified by B Lab, which is a self-owned non-profit organization. The company is measured on several factors and must achieve a minimum of 80 out of 200 points to be certified. The certification not only requires the company to perform at a certain level. It must also be part of the articles of association and purpose that the company works to do good for society and, as far as possible, considers all stakeholders in decisions.

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