About us


We had a dream when my husband, two friends and I launched MINI A TURE in 2002. A dream and an ambition to create a high-quality fashion brand for children with a unique design, innovative technology, and the best materials to create a brand that is much more than just children's clothing. My husband and I have three children: two girls in their early 20s and an 11-year-old boy. Our children today live very differently than they did in the past, and many are spending more and more time on indoor pursuits and digital media.

We want to help teach our children to take care of nature and help them feel at home in it. With the right clothing, we are sure that most children can learn to love nature regardless of the season and weather and get a desire to spend quality time in it by themselves and with their loved ones.

We believe that children should be free, confident, and happy. They must have the freedom to stand by themselves and have the courage and strength to stand up for others. Freedom to move effortlessly through life and playfully embrace the world with an open mind. All children must be recognized as the unique human-being they each are, and they must have faith in themselves. Small is Free.

We are inspired by children's imagination. Their sense of creativity and their authentic curiosity about life. Their way of creating astonishing universes and stories that do not always make sense to adults.

With MINI A TURE, we want children to express themselves in their very own way. We do not compromise on either trends or freedom of movement. The very small details count. Small is cool.

With our Scandinavian roots, we know how changing weather conditions require appropriate clothing. From the magical, bright, and warm summer days to the cozy, cold and dark winter evenings - our children must always be dressed to meet the world. Small is Adventurous.

We value honesty, responsibility, and thorough work. All our suppliers and resellers are carefully selected according to their commitment to quality and craftsmanship as well as their assurance of proper working conditions for all employees.

We cherish the memories of childhood, the scratched knees, the smell of playhouse and the feeling of delicate falling snowflakes melting on the tongue. Small is Imaginative.

The dream has come true.

In the fight against overproduction

To avoid overproduction and minimization of freight, we have, with effect from the spring of 2021, decided to focus on what we are best at. We concentrate only on a few categories: clothes that dress children for life outside. We are a sustainable outerwear and swimwear brand with complimentary ‘layering’; clothing worn under outerwear.

Timeless design and technical expertise

We are internationally known for our outerwear, which provides the best conditions for a wonderful experience in nature regardless of wind and weather. Some of our icons were developed as early as 2002 and have since been further developed to match the demands of the times and responsible modern production. These are children's clothes that, in terms of look and quality, are designed for incredibly long durability, so that they can be recycled and used by several children when they grow out of it. We are outerwear specialists and work to a great extent with the technological development to constantly optimize our children's clothing.

Sustainable materials and production

We make a positive difference throughout the value chain compared to conventional production. We have some very clear requirements for our suppliers in terms of wages and working conditions, and harmful chemicals are a complete no-go for us. We make the ultimate effort, and we strive to make a difference throughout the value chain, where we have since the beginning worked with eco-friendly materials in factories that live up to our very high standards of working conditions.

This year we have taken a step even further. From the spring of 2021 onwards, all our collections will be produced as sustainably as possible, and we will continue to keep a close eye on new, sustainable, and innovative materials and production methods, so that we follow the development to optimize our children's clothing.

Our nylon and polyester are recycled, and our remaining styles are made of organic cotton. MINI A TURE is also GOTS-certified (read more here), but we do not try to increase the price for consumers, even though the fabrics become more expensive for us. We do not want it to cost more to make sustainable choices.

Recycling is gold

We are very proud that our outerwear lasts so long, and we have launched initiatives that encourage consumers to recycle. For example, we have a collaboration with a second-hand app. According to them, our clothes have one of the highest resale values ​​on the Danish second-hand market. In addition, we offer benefits if you send your used outerwear in return to us. We donate it to Sunway Children's home with which we have had a close partnership since 2004.

Future plans

The movements we see in society about taking care of nature, animals and each other, harmonize with our core values.

We have always strived to make a difference and are working towards passing on these values ​​to our children.

It has now become possible to obtain documentation on our values, and we are in the process of a B Corporation certification.

It is not possible to be fully sustainable in our industry, but we do as much as we possibly can to become as sustainable as possible, and we will continue to implement environmentally friendly initiatives that support our company and our vision.

The best greetings,

CEO and owner Signe Tholstrup