With MINI A TURE outerwear children can play outdoors for hours, and parents can be assured that their little ones are fully protected in all kinds of weather. The children can enjoy small adventures in the playground, play in the snow or jump in puddles without worry.

MINI A TURE outerwear is characterized by:

  • Recycled materials
  • No identified harmful substances and endocrine disruptors
  • Safe and head turning design
  • Wind- and waterproof materials
  • Excellent insulation and high breathability



A piece of outerwear is worn countless times during a season. Therefore, it is important for both parents and children that the clothes are easy to put on and take off. This also goes for older children who are eager to put on their own jacket or snowsuit in a hurry. Of course, we have considered this and our designs have lots of nice and practical details.





Safety is paramount throughout the MINI A TURE design process. Therefore, you will not see any long strings and the hoods can easily be detached using snap buttons. In addition, our signature star reflector is found in the right front pockets of all our outerwear, both jackets and snow suits.



MINI A TURE reflectors are 70 lux reflectors and are visible from more than 300 meters. MINI A TURE logos on the back and side of the outerwear are also reflectors. We only use YKK zippers, characterized by high quality and long durability.



How waterproof a piece of outerwear is depends on its waterproof rating (WP). The higher the rating, the longer the outerwear will remain waterproof. A WP of 10,000 mm means that the clothes can withstand an incredibly forceful water pressure. The majority of MINI A TURE's jackets, snow suits and snow pants have a WP of 12,000 mm. Resistance to water does reduce over time, but after five washes, MINI A TURE outerwear still has a WP of 10,000 mm. A WP of 5,000 is enough to keep the child dry.



Not only must the outerwear material be waterproof, so do the seams. Therefore, MINI A TURE uses taped seams. Taped seams mean that a waterproof tape is attached to the back of a seam, which prevents water from penetrating the material. All MINI A TURE outerwear feature extra soft taped seams (except our softshell series), which ensures that the outerwear is not worn out at the seams.



When children are running around in the playground, they often get warm. This body heat needs to be released quickly to prevent the children from catching a cold. Therefore, a certain level of breathability is needed in the material. The breathability is measured by the amount of grams of water that can penetrate a square meter of fabric over a 24-hour period – mvp or g/m2/24h. The composition and treatment of MINI A TURE outerwear ensure a very high breathability with a mvp of 8,000 - 10,000 and most importantly, is comfortable to wear.



At MINI A TURE, we design outerwear based on the philosophy that the outerwear must last season after season. Our outerwear is tested by the industry recognized Martinedale method and reach a high score of more than 50,000 rubs. This means that MINI A TURE jackets, snow pants, and snowsuits can withstand many hours of outdoor play.



To produce as responsibly as possible, we use both recycled nylon and polyester in our collections. By transforming and recycling waste into new resources, we give the material new value and re-use it in the value chain.



In addition to reducing the amount of waste in nature, this also contributes to reduced CO2 emissions and reduced use of resources in production such as water, oil, and electricity.



A large part of MINI A TURE outerwear is produced from recycled nylon, which has been recycled from e.g. old fishing nets as well as other nylon debris collected in the world's oceans. Nylon is a very strong and durable material, which makes it perfect for children's outerwear and hours of play outdoors. Besides these functional benefits, recycled nylon has several environmental benefits that make it a must-have for MINI A TURE.



In addition to recycled nylon, we use recycled polyester from e.g. plastic bottles. Every year, billions of plastic bottles are sent to landfills around the world, but instead of breaking down the plastic bottles, you can re-use them in clothing production.


At MINI A TURE, we use Repreve® and Eco Circle™ Fibers in our collections. Both Repreve® and Eco™ Circle fibers are two leading, reliable, and branded performance fibers made from recycled plastic.



Selected hoods in our autumn/winter outerwear collection come with the addition of fur that originates from wild Finnish raccoons, an invasive species.


The fur can easily be removed using a zip fastening. MINI A TURE is committed to the preservation of our global environment, as well as the ethical and humane treatment of animals. We guarantee that fur used in our products has been sourced from animals in accordance with governmental regulation of the species. No animals are harmed to use their fur. They are shot to preserve nature, and then we use their fur. We can track every single piece of fur used for our outerwear. All fur in MINI A TURE products is OEKO-TEX® certified.



For winter, MINI A TURE primarily uses a double cut, anti-pile polar fleece for the body, which is not only soft and durable. It also provides excellent heat insulation. MINI A TURE snow pants, and jacket sleeves are quilted with 210T lining, a highly durable, recycled polyester lining. To ensure children are warm and comfortable in their outerwear, the outerwear feature Thermolite® padding, a light fabric with high thermal insulation which is also anti-perspiration and highly breathable. Outerwear in our spring / summer / autumn collection also feature the 210T lining.



MINI A TURE has chosen the eco-efficient performance fiber Sorona® padding instead of real down due to the natural quality of Sorona®. Sorona® is polyester fibers produced from plant-based components. The natural quality of Sorona® makes the jackets very warm, soft, and flexible and they retain the shape and design throughout the day and wear after wear.




MINI A TURE outerwear comes with a Bionic-Finish® Eco impregnation. This is an ecological water-repellant impregnation based on a fluoride free recipe. This eco-friendly coating is waterproof and soil-repellant. It allows textiles to dry more rapidly and keeps the colors and fabrics looking new longer. In addition, it makes the garments easy to care for and is resistant to washing.




MINI A TURE outerwear is available in a wide selection of beautiful solid colors and prints inspired by the Scandinavian nature. All our prints are hand-drawn by our designers in Denmark.



As an outerwear expert, MINI A TURE has a wide selection of quality outerwear for both Spring / Summer and Autumn / Winter.



MINI A TURE's classic outerwear is designed for all kinds of weather and for children aged 0-12 years. Everything is 100% wind and waterproof with taped seams and with full breathability. The outerwear is impregnated with Bionic-Finish® Eco, which ensures easy maintenance and long durability but still being free from harmful substances.

In addition to our classic jackets, we offer classic pants and suits as well as several accessories.



MINI A TURE classic outerwear is available in a wide selection of beautiful solid colors inspired by the Scandinavian nature, and some of the jackets are also available in the most beautiful hand-drawn prints.

The printed jackets are produced from 100% recycled polyester with either recycled fleece or cotton lining. All other classic outerwear products are produced from 100% recycled nylon and are also available with either recycled fleece or cotton lining.



A MINI A TURE parka jacket is the conscious and exclusive outerwear choice.



These jackets are simply amazing for a child to wear. The surface which is made from cotton, nylon and nano-dye recycled polyester is super soft made. The quality is 100% water- and windproof with high breathability that keeps a child warm and leads moisture away from the skin. The parka jackets are perfect for everyday wear or for a nice hike in the woods.



Even on a really cold winter day, you can be sure that your child will stay warm in MINI A TURE puffer jackets. The puffer jackets are produced in 100% recycled polyester and are wind- and waterproof and with full breathability.



MINI A TURE puffer jackets are lined with the sustainable alternative to real down, Dupont™ Sorona® padding, which makes the jackets incredibly soft and warm, and they retain the shape and design throughout the day and wear after wear. MINI A TURE puffer jackets are available in a wide selection of beautiful solid colors as well as hand-drawn prints inspired by Scandinavian nature.



MINI A TURE shell wear is produced from 100% recycled polyester and is available in both jackets, pants, and suits. The shell wear is perfect as a transition set for Spring or Autumn.



Most of our shell wear is in softshell. Softshell is known from e.g. skiing, as it is the perfect top layer to protect against wind and water. MINI A TURE softshell outerwear is available in many different solid colors and hand-drawn prints inspired by the Scandinavian nature as well as with insulation and without insulation. Note that the seams are not taped due to the heavier material.



In addition to softshell, we have Sherpa jackets. MINI A TURE sherpa jackets look like the well-known teddy jackets and they are produced from 100% recycled polyester. The sherpa jackets are 100% waterproof, but as with softshell, there are no taped seams due to the heavy material. MINI A TURE sherpa jackets are perfect for skiing or playing outside, but since they are without insulation, we recommend wearing them with a fleece or knit sweater underneath.



MINI A TURE thermal wear is produced from recycled polyester and impregnated with Bionic-Finish® Eco, which makes it waterproof and soil-repellent.



The thermal wear is perfect for kindergarten or school and makes it easy to keep warm on a cooler summer evening. The prints are hand-drawn by our designers in Denmark and all colors are inspired by the Scandinavian nature.



MINI A TURE rainwear is produced from recycled polyester. The products are light and super soft and with several practical details.



MINI A TURE rainwear is perfect for kindergarten or school and can easily be carried along in the bag. The prints are hand-drawn by our designers in Denmark and inspired by the Scandinavian nature.

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