It all started as a dream. Together with my husband and my two friends, I launched MINI A TURE in 2002. Our ambition has always been to create a fashion brand for children in the highest quality, exquisite design, using innovative technology and the best materials. A brand that is much more than just children's clothing.

Personally, I am the mother of three children. As I have been able to see it on my own, our children today live very differently than they did in the past. Most people spend more time indoors and on digital media. 



At MINI A TURE we want to make a difference and help give children wonderful experiences in nature. With the right outdoor clothing, we ensure that children can learn to love being outdoors, regardless of the season and weather. We hope it makes them want to spend a lot of wonderful quality time outside - alone or with family and friends.


We want children with MINI A TURE to express themselves stylishly in their very own way. We do not compromise on either trend or freedom of movement. The very small details count. Small is cool.

With our Scandinavian roots, we know how the changing weather requires real and practical clothing. From the magical, bright, and warm summer days to the cozy, cold and dark winter evenings. Our children must always be dressed to face the world.



We believe that children thrive best when they feel free and confident. They must have the freedom to stand by themselves and have the courage and strength to stand up for others. Freedom to move effortlessly through life and embrace the world with an open mind. All children must be recognized as the unique human being they each are.

 We cherish the memories of childhood, the scratched knees, the smell of grass and forest and the feeling of fine falling snowflakes melting on the tongue.

 Children's imagination is an inspiration for MINI A TURE. Their sense of creativity and authentic curiosity about life. Their way of creating surprising universes and whimsical stories that do not always make sense to us adults.


MINI A TURE is internationally known for making outerwear that provides the best conditions for a wonderful experience in nature, regardless of wind and weather. We are outerwear experts and work with the technological development to constantly improve our collections. Some of our styles were developed as early as 2002. Since then, they have been further developed to meet the demands for a responsible and modern production. Out styles are created to last in terms of design and quality, so that they can be passed on to other children.


Responsibility is about all the things we do in our everyday lives. It is about showing responsibility to each other as human beings and to our earth. About working with nature and not against nature.

At MINI A TURE responsibility is closely linked to our choice of materials and production methods. We do our best to create a positive difference throughout the entire value chain compared to conventional production. We have some very clear requirements for our suppliers in terms of wages and working conditions, and harmful substances are an absolute no-go for us. We always strive to make a difference in our production chain. Since the establishment of MINI A TURE, we have worked with eco-friendly materials at factories that live up to some of the highest standards of working conditions.

Because we want you to feel safe when you shop MINI A TURE, it is important for us to document that we live up to the highest social and environmental standards for the production and distribution of children's clothing. That is why we commit to several international certifications.



We are very proud that our styles are long-lasting, and we have launched initiatives that encourage consumers to recycle. For example, we offer benefits if you send used outerwear back to us. The clothes we get back will be donated to Sunway Children's home, a close relationship that has lasted since 2004.

In the future we will continue to implement responsible and environmentally friendly initiatives. Visit Sunway Children's home.

Kind regards,
Founder and CEO,
Signe Tholstrup

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